See What Makes Uncorked Ventures Different, Unique and I Hope, Better


Uncorked Ventures offers their diamonds found in the rough straight to consumers through their wine clubs. You may be surprised, but a lot of wine importers and retailers never do more than place a phone call or send an email to winemakers before purchasing their bottles, having face-to-face encounters only with their customers. That can lead to run-of-the-mill wines filling real or virtual store shelves, and how are we to know the difference?

Rebecca Gomez Farrell

....go treasure-hunting into California, Oregon and Washington wine country to bring you the very best wines that few people have ever heard of. Building relationships with the winemakers and vineyard proprietors....

Michelle Williams

.....the whole point behind a wine club is not having to drive to the store and figure out what you want. The wines they offer are of high quality, making this club a no-brainer if you fancy wines from the West Coast.

Katie Bell (Forbes)


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