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$95 per ship
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Discounts on re-orders The best quality wine club under $100 2 Bottles of red wine - limited production, high demand boutique wines Monthly newsletter detailing the wines, wineries and winemakers.
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Discover the beauty of wine Exploration, knowing that you're going to receive 90+ point quality in every bottle and top value under $50. From the hidden gems uncovered by Mark and Matt in their journeys through California, Oregon and Washington wine country, Uncorked Ventures' Exploration wine club brings you a delicious bottle of red and white every month, every other month, or quarterly as you desire.

The experience of Exploration is visceral and personal, yet one that is perfect for sharing. For those who enjoy consistent performance highlighted with the brush of the New, this wine club is sure to please.

Tasting notes and winery information are provided for knowledge and conversation. If you've yearned for the pleasure of expanding your wine palette and want to take a rewarding step into the world of wine beyond what your grocery store or typical wine clubs can offer, then the Exploration wine club is for you. Sign up now and start your wine adventure!


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Sarah Reilly:
I originally received a 3 month gift from my mom last holiday season and really enjoyed the wine, so I decided to continue on as a monthly member. I liked being able to read the descriptions and learn something about the winemakers in my own home since I find wine tasting rooms to often be really snooty! It's fun to be part of a cheap wine club which sends wine from different wineries every month.

Dave G:
I can highly recommend these guys. I wasn't the most serious wine drinker when I started, but my wife certainly was. We've enjoyed our year long membership and plan to continue. It's an added bonus when you get one of the owners on the phone directly-to me that's really good customer service which I appreciate.

Sherry Evans:
I can second the fact that one of their owners answers the phone. They were able to walk me through my order this morning, even telling me about the wines they are planning to ship in December (one of which is in Wine Spectator's Top 100 for the year). Overall I am really excited to give this as a gift.

Mike Mattison:
My wife and I have been trying to get more into wine over the past couple of years and this wine club has helped. I don't love paying for shipping, but the selection s have been good and I've been satisfied by the quality of the wine.
James S:
I think we all know that truly cheap wine clubs have quality which is well, hit and miss. Honestly, that's what I was expecting here, although I've been pleasantly surprised to be enjoying the vast majority of the wine they offer. So many of the review sites out there rank these guys well, it's easy to see why after 3 shipments!