Mark Aselstine
March 26, 2013 | Mark Aselstine

Winter Travels and Spring Opens

Spring is always an exciting time of year and I’m not talking solely about the NCAA tournament, Major League baseball starting or even the end of the incessant wind here in the East Bay. There is a certain energy that we all find as winter holidays and the corresponding trips to Tahoe end and people get back into their regular schedules as we all wait for spring to come in fully.

The whole idea of winter ending came to me this week after seeing the plum tree in my backyard flower and then begin growing leaves and it made me think that bud break in Napa happened earlier than normal this year.

Our friends at Beringer tell us that bud break actually took place on their estate vineyards about a week ago, making it the earliest start to the growing season in well, a lifetime.

There’s an old wives tale of sorts in the Valley about bud break happening before the end of February(Carneros had it this year for the first time on record) and even the few growers we know who aren’t liable to complain about every change in the weather, thought we might have a season that early this time around as well.  Luckily the vines held out almost another month in much of the Valley, although this break is still well earlier than normal even if it isn’t disastrously so.

In any case, what does the coming of spring mean for you?  What’s on the agenda for travel plans, vacations and the kids summers?


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