Mark Aselstine
January 25, 2013 | Mark Aselstine

The NRA Has a Wine Club-Really?

When Matt and I speak with customers on the phone or through email, we’re often asked to describe how our clubs with Uncorked Ventures differ with some of our larger and certainly more well known competitors.

Our answers vary depending on which wine club we’re talking about and quite a few other factors-but overall this is a great example.

The NRA has a wine club and a few Australian wineries were not even aware that their wines were being sold by the NRA wine club.

Which made me wonder, really?

I realize not everyone is taking the time to interact with winery owners and winemakers like we do, but for a major corporation to seemingly not be having any interaction with their suppliers, seems well a bit strange.

What you don’t get with us are wines that are being pushed out indiscriminately into the wine retail world.  When we say carefully curated-we mean it.


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