Mark Aselstine
January 28, 2013 | Mark Aselstine

Sonoma Tries to Simplify

Does that really make sense to anyone?  I ask because Sonoma is trying to simplyfy its AVA system, in large part because even winemakers in the region struggle to explain exactly what is consistent in terms of the current setup of Sonoma County etc.

Generally I still think this is too darn complicated.  Part of the success of Napa Valley's marketing is in its simplicity.  When you buy a Napa Valley wine, in large part you know what you're getting.  Sonoma is too big and too varied for that, but having smaller AVA's inside others still, like the Fort Ross Seaview inside of the Sonoma Coast AVA-doesn't make a ton of sense from a marketing perspective.

I think it's a shame for one big reason: Sonoma continues to make world class wines at a fair price and has both the production levels and facilities to allow startup and new wineries to emerge and they do on a yearly basis.  I wish they could make it easier on the average consumer to not only access those wines, but to understand exactly what they're likely to be getting.


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