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May 24, 2011 | Mark Aselstine

Wine Blog Wednesday-The Good Grape

The Good Grape is our Wine Blog Wednesday submission for your reading pleasure this week and has been a favorite of ours since we first found the blog over a year ago.

Written by Jeff Lefevere in a part of the country, not exactly known for wine consumption (Indiana) we enjoy reading the Good Grape because of Jeff’s interesting take and partially because of his slightly cynical take on news stories of our day. As an example, his Things I Don’t Understand post from March 13th 2011 starts by asking two questions which I’ve asked myself as of late:

“There are a lot of things I don’t understand: How or why the Kardashian’s made an estimated $65 million dollars last year, for example. Or, why the NFL and the Players Association can’t figure out how to split $9 billion dollars is another.”

Since my wife loves the Kardashian reality show, I think I can at least partially explain #1 while #2 will likely remain a mystery for some time. Come to think of it, aren’t the Kardashian’s pitching almost everything right now, from Proactive to clothes, it has made us wonder if they’d do some publicity for a certain high end wine club since we’re so fun to work with…I digress.

Ok, back to the blog. After a couple minutes of reading the Good Grape you’ll notice a few things. One is that Jeff isn’t taking himself too seriously, which is nice. More importantly, you’ll also notice that he’s made one of the most well respected wine blogs on the internet, without doing a ton of reviews on his blog. As much as we like to read reviews, for many readers they aren’t incredibly useful because they can’t access the wine in question. As a side note, if we were writing wine blogs instead of running Uncorked Ventures, we’d certainly include a review from time to time simply because they seem to encourage free samples.

If you haven’t noticed, we’re attempted to match part of Jeff’s style here, probably without complete success. That all being said and jokes aside, we really do enjoy the blog and think you will as well. The Good Grape is not only well written, but offers an off beat and cynical take at times which can be missing in the world of wine which almost universally takes itself too seriously. Thanks for working to change that in your own unique way Jeff, we think it’s a good change for the industry and one which should allow new wine drinkers to feel more comfortable learning about wine and expanding their palates.


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