Mark Aselstine
May 24, 2011 | Mark Aselstine

Wine Blog Wednesday-Jason's Wine Blog

There are a few things we pride ourselves about at Uncorked Ventures, one is our willingness to communicate with customers and potential customers, but we also think being realistic about wine purchases is really important as well.

We realize, even our best customers are going to buy wine from sources other than Uncorked Ventures. We hope our customers find wineries they enjoy and join their wine clubs, but additionally we hope they continue to expand their palate’s over time by trying wine at a variety price points, from a variety of producers and learning and talking about wine in a variety of places.

On this Wine Blog Wednesday Thursday, we’re featuring Jason’s Wine Blog. (Hey, sometimes your business partner ends up on the front page of the paper and you have to rearrange your blogging schedule)

The focus of Jason’s wine blog is helping people navigate the expansive and ever changing wine aisle at Trader Joe’s. Both Matt and I grew up in Southern California, so Trader Joe’s has been part of the grocery scene for some time, although the chain has only now started to grow across the country, currently operating in 9 states. The theme is interesting, sometimes described as more of a bodega than a big chain grocery store because of it’s smaller size, the employees wear Hawaiian shirts which harkens to it’s roots in Pasadena. Interestingly, the store has been known for wine almost since the beginning, although they’re known for less expensive wine these days than they were in the 60’s and 70’s before wine stores started opening throughout the state of California.

These days, Trader Joe’s receives most of it’s wine press due to carrying Charles Shaw wine, better known as 2 Buck Chuck. Of course, there are plenty of value wines being sold every day at Trader Joe’s and with selections often radically different from store to store, it’s hard to keep track of it all.

That’s where Jason’s Wine Blog comes in. Personally, I enjoy his top 10 lists and can readily admit to enjoying the Trentarte Rosso blend from Italy in past years off of his suggestion. He has even gone so far as to create a hot map tracker for certain wines, showing which stores still have supplies available. It’s a fun blog and one of the few review oriented blogs which we read regularly. All the wines he talks about are readily available and usually priced at around $10 or under. You’ll also find his rating system to be among the most unconventional and easy to understand anywhere. He simply rates wines if you should buy them, or not and some of those in between.

Look, we’ve all bought really, really terrible $10 wine before at the grocery store no matter the size of our cellars. It doesn’t have to continue happening and we can thank Jason for at least part of that.


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