Mark Aselstine
October 5, 2011 | Mark Aselstine

Wine Blog Wednesday-Dr. Vino

In many ways it is a surprise that it has taken us this long to feature what is among my favorite 3-4 wine blogs on our Wine Blog Wednesday series, but this week we feature one of the biggest names in wine writing: Dr. Vino.

As with many of my favorite blogs, Dr. Vino doesn’t simply post reviews of wines on his site, which can become tiresome for readers in short order. Instead he features a steady stream of industry insights, features on newcomers to the industry and overall interesting features on what’s happening within the world of wine. It almost goes without saying that only a few, if any other blogs cover such a wide variety of topics such as pairing wine with dehydrated food, the best wines under $15 and the labor situation in South African vineyards (makes that Cab blend I opened last night look a bit different sitting on the table this morning).

So who is Dr. Vino? If you’re one to believe his Wikipedia entry (and you should), Dr. Vino is Tyler Colman who holds a PHD from Northwestern and has been educating people about wine and the wine trade for some time in Chicago and now New York.

Personally, I enjoy his ability to call into questions some of the ethics of reviews such as Robert Parker.

While I think Parker has done a lot for the industry, the constant score focus is a difficult situation for any retailer. In our wine club shipments we have to constantly work to continually find high scoring bottles, which is both difficult and in many ways against our stated goal and model which is to spend time in wine country with winemakers and vineyard owners to receive access to prized allocations.  Our favorite bottles and the wines which have received the highest percentage of reorders have not been the highest rated wines we've shipped (with the possible exception of that Paul Hobbs Russian River Valley Pinot Noir).

In any case, Dr Vino has helped much of the wine world begin to move away from being so score focused which is a really, really good thing. His writing has also been published everywhere from the New York Times to Forbes, with a couple of books mixed in as well.

If you’re ready to move beyond reviews on a wine blog, Dr. Vino should be at the top of your list.  At Uncorked Ventures we have great respect for his work and truly enjoy reading his blog.


Tyler's Gravatar
@ Oct 6, 2011 at 7:13 PM
Hey Mark -- Thanks so much for the kind words! And, please, the pairing was for *one year's* worth of dehydrated food! Man cave optional.

Hope you get to pull some fun corks this weekend!


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