Mark Aselstine
May 24, 2011 | Mark Aselstine

Wine Blog Wednesday-Ala Wine

This week’s featured blog, AlaWine.

Why we read: Ken has created one of the very few portholes for information about the myriad of wine blog choices out there. We love his lists of the top 100 wine blogs, his top 100 wino’s on Twitter and much, much more.

He also takes the time to list wine competition winners, which makes him probably the only wine blog we’ve found willing to do so.

Lastly, his tasting notes are well represented and offer a realistic view at any one wine. He gives a nice combination of tasting notes from the winery, his own tasting notes and bottom line’s the wine for his readers.

We hope our readers will take a minute to check out his various top lists as well as reading his tasting notes. There is a good chance he’ll point out a couple of outstanding blogs you’re not currently aware of.


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