Mark Aselstine
May 24, 2011 | Mark Aselstine

Wine Blog Wednesday-1 Wine Dude

One thing we’ve realized at Uncorked Ventures is that many of our customers (and hopefully our readers here) are interested in finding new and exciting ways to learn about wine. Like us, they don’t want the usual conversation and stale tasting notes. To that end, we’ll be sharing blogs which we not only enjoy, but those which provide valuable information.

Our first featured blog is: 1 Wine Dude

Who writes it? Joe Roberts who believes in talking about wine in a real way for consumers without the time to memorize which vineyard in Oakville had unusually sunny days during the 2004 growing season. On a daily basis, 1 Wine Dude is a wine consultant and part of the band Sephage.

Why we read it? Frankly, Joe has an interesting and slightly off beat take on the world of wine. We respect his liberal comment policy, his weekly Twitter recaps (personally, I love those) and have enjoyed his stories of late about going pro and attempting to earn a living in the wine industry. As a start up ourselves, we remember those first days and believe he’ll be successful over the long term.

Bottom line it for us? If you want to find a wine blog written by a trained professional, without the up-tight attitude that many serious wine blogs tend to have while keeping an eye on wine news worldwide, 1 Wine Dude is a great, interesting and informative read.

Keep up the good work Joe and congratulations on getting a job for the man.


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