Mark Aselstine
September 1, 2011 | Mark Aselstine

Wine Blog Wednesday: The Wineing Woman

Well maybe a day late this week, but at least we brought back the Wine Blog Wednesday feature, right?

This week we feature a blog which we only found ourselves a few days ago. The Wineing Woman is written by Amanda Maynard and personally I find the blog intereting for a few reasons.

To start, it seems she is having a conversation with herself on the blog which is a writing style which I greatly enjoy. Secondly, part of her recent conversations have centered around the future of her blog and how it has begun to change over time. Having gone through some of the same questions on my own personal blog, I can appreciate the sentiment and for our readers/customers I think she offers an interesting viewpoint as someone working in wine and reflecting on her time in the wine trade.

Amanda works as a wine ambassador for the Finger Lakes wine regions. While New York state wines are far from a focus for us, they certainly have gained some media exposure of late and I suspect their location so close (relatively speaking) to New York City will continue to lead them into the forefront of wine in the United States. I highly doubt they ever catch California, Oregon or Washington in critical acclaim while I’m working in the industry, but New York State is probably the best bet among other states to gain entry into the wine elite. Finding the perfect growing conditions and grapes is still a process, but they have a built in consumer base with discretionary income and generally love their state as much as anyone outside of Texans.

In any case, if you’re ready for a rather unique look into the life of a mid 20’s woman just beginning her wine career, while working through life as it stands at that age The Wineing Woman is an interesting, quick read which deserves to be noticed as an example of how one can work in the industry without become pretentious about the whole thing.


Amanda Maynard's Gravatar
Amanda Maynard
@ Sep 2, 2011 at 5:25 AM
Thank you for the feature, Mark! I often wonder if my writing works to convey what I'm trying to get across and it seems like it does to at least one person. I feel like that's a victory.

I'd also like to mention that the NY v. California debate you brought up is a common one but I don't think there are clear winners. CA obviously produces a lot of juice. I think they're a major player in the domestic wine market and they have time behind them. However, I'd never count NY out. The production is far smaller but a lot of the spectacular quality is there.

It is one of the top 4 states in wine production, but somehow being an east coast location is to its detriment. They make some incredible wines and I'll readily admit that their distribution needs to be better, but if the wines travel, people will learn why it's a top wine making region in the US.


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