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November 2, 2011 | Mark Aselstine

Wine Blog Wednesday- Blog Your Wine

I have to admit, I am guilty of loving bloggers who have a sense of humor. Maybe it’s the difficulty that I have transferring what I think is funny to the written word, but I’m happy when I see something along the lines of the following:

“If you are viewing this site in Internet Explorer, parts of it may not display correctly. This is due to the ongoing issue that Internet Explorer does in fact suck. Do yourself a favor and download either Google Chrome or Firefox. You'll thank me later! :)”

So it begins when you first glance at Blog Your Wine (and frankly I couldn’t agree more). Kris Chislett doesn’t exactly have the pedigree of the most serious and astute wine blogger you’ve ever read. Growing up in the UK (hardly known for their wine production) and now living in Jacksonville Florida doesn’t make him sound like the next Robert Parker, unless you know where the esteemed Mr. Parker actually lives, perhaps it’s that lack of wine industry insiderness which not only draws me to his blog, but also keeps readers yearning for more.

As a Certified Sommelier and a Certified Specialist of Wine, Kris’ ability to judge a good bottle should be both noted and respected-although I read the blog based on the rather unusual look into the world of wine as opposed to the odd wine review. He’s the only wine blogger I know willing to add a Beastie Boy reference to a wine article, even if its one based on the best songs related to wine.

In my opinion, have a look at his short entry on the evolution of his palate and you’ll get a good idea of the writing style and tone set forth in the blog. Entertaining, light hearted and enjoyable are how I’d generally describe the blog, which is exactly what I’m looking for from a wine blog. If I want stuffy, arrogant and condescending there are plenty of winery tasting room managers I can talk to.

I don't think there is any doubt that after only a year writing the blog, Kris has come to an incredible amount of success and attention from the blog.  He's certainly a blogger to watch as time goes by and Blog Your Wine may certainly become one of the 10 most important wine blogs on the internet in the near future.


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