Mark Aselstine
October 6, 2011 | Mark Aselstine

Tim Fish of Wine Spectator and Value from California Wineries

We spend a lot of time in this space talking about smaller wineries and how they deliver better value than their larger counterparts with massive marketing budgets, staff and wineries.

Of course, we also have to be cognescent that the wine drinker who starts by buying $5 wine at Trader Joe’s eventually tends to upgrade both in terms of palate as well as pocketbook.

To that end, I thought the article written by Tim Fish over at Wine Spectator was an interesting one. I do agree that Bogle does a nice job in its price range, although I do think there are a number of wines in the $15-$20 range which most people would enjoy more, even with the small uptick in price point.

That being said, the thought that there is a lack of value available in California wine is a significant long term issue. As someone working to sell California wine, I want people to begin having good experiences with wine from California as early as possible.

Wineries such as Bogle do provide a valuable service to both the consumer as well as the more expensive wine industry. I’m sure that someone who enjoys an 84point Zinfandel for $12 would be interested, especially as time goes by, in trying a 90 point bottle for $20. Hopefully that enjoyment continues as does the appreciation for a single vineyard Russian River Pinot Noir.


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