Mark Aselstine
October 21, 2011 | Mark Aselstine

The Best Gift Baskets Online Nomination

The Best Gift Baskets OnlineIt’s always nice to have people say nice things about you. I think that’s true both personally and professionally, but when you own a business having people say nice things about your business is just as important to many of us small business owners.

Since starting the gift basket side to our business, we’ve received a lot of positive feedback from suppliers, customers and potential customers-but we’re starting to receive some recognition from outside sources as well.

We were recently nominated for the Best Gift Baskets Online at the Gift Rocket Blog.

Personally speaking I can appreciate what they’re trying to do and their technology which makes any online merchant available for gift card purchases. Having been featured in well known publications like Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Forbes, Wired (to be as clear as possible, yes there is an ownership connection between Wired and TCHO our chocolate supplier) Mashable and TechCrunch……this isn’t any old online gift basket competition.

If you get a chance please head over to the wine category and give us a vote. You’ll notice we’re competing against some of the largest online merchants, many of whom have been open for decades already.

We know our gift basket product lines are the absolute best on the market-it’s nice to begin receiving some outside feedback which agrees with that assessment.


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