Mark Aselstine
October 31, 2011 | Mark Aselstine

St. Emilion in Financial Trouble?

Saint-Emilion Photos
This photo of Saint-Emilion is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Perhaps no town in the world exemplifies the nostalgia and romance which so many people associate with the wine industry. Unfortunately, the town of St. Emilion also is now showing that economies based strictly on incredibly expensive wine have been hit hard by the down economy.

From Wine Spectator: Bordeaux's St.-Emilion is struggling under debt and has sold a beloved landmark, the 14th-century Cordeliers convent, including the crumbling cloister and leafy park, to its renter, sparkling-wine producer Les Cordeliers, for a mere 750,000 euros (just over $1 million). The outcry has been tremendous….”

Personally speaking, I’m sad to see the convent go. It’s those type of historical ties which gives much of Bordeaux its charm and allows the region to market terrior which they say takes into account everything from sunlight and soil conditions, but even the culture of the winemakers and the vineyard owners. I have to think there was a better use of such an important and historical site, especially in a region which is blessed with millions of tourists each and every year.


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