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May 24, 2011 | Mark Aselstine

Quivet Cellars

Every once in a while we find a wine which just seems almost too good to be true.

We found one of those wines for our Special Selections customers in February.

Quivet Cellars is a project from winemaker Mike Smith who got his start under one of the best tutors in all of Napa Valley, Thomas Browne who is responsible for the award winning wines at Schrader Cellars. Mike’s journey has been well chronicled in and of itself, but suffice to say we have a ton of respect for anyone willing to get started in the wine industry by driving to Napa every weekend from your family home in Oregon and working for free.

We always like to include an impartial review, so here is what famed wine critic Robert Parker had to say:

“Myriad and Quivet from Mike Smith. I cannot say enough good things about the Myriad and Quivet wines from Mike Smith. I have mentioned this before, if you are not on their mailing list, sign-up today. These wine rock and the pricing is extremely reasonable.”
- Robert Parker online 2/14/2008

We couldn’t agree more.

The wine we selected for our Special Selection Wine Club members is the Kenefick Ranch Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon. We thought this would be a good fit of four choices from Quivet for a couple of reasons. To start, the Kenefick Ranch is on the Napa Valley floor in really, really good real estate. The Eisele Vineyard of Araujo is just a few yards away which shows how good this fruit really is. We know our club members open their wines shortly after receiving them, so we chose a wine from the Valley floor instead of mountain fruit which can be more condensed and tannic and might necessitate cellaring for some time.

Lastly, Quivet gives a good example of how we find wine. We originally started talking to Chris Maybach the Proprietor of Maybach Family Vineyards. Of course an allocation of Maybach is incredibly difficult to assertain as they have a waiting list for their own wine club which is approaching a decade, but during our conversations Chris mentioned that one of Thomas Browne’s crew had his own label. Mike Smith was that crew member and Quivet was that label. For that, thank you Chris we appreciate being pointed in the right direction.


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