Mark Aselstine
September 21, 2011 | Mark Aselstine

Public Transit in Wine Country

I'll freely admit that I actually really like public transportation.  Perhaps it comes from growing up in Southern California which hasn't seen a freeway it wouldn't want to build, but I've been fascinated by land use and public transit for some time.  I realize that makes me sound like a great party guest, but seeing The Vine Line reminded me both how rare public transit was through wine country and how needed it truly was.

Wine country as you might expect, is incredibly spread out.  Agricultural products and yes wine is very much an agricultural product when you get to its core, take up a lot of land.  With single land owners often having hundreds, if not thousands of acres, finding convenient places for mass transit is a challenge to be sure.

Wine Bus

Pictured above is the "new" Sonoma County Vine Line.  Yes, it is a converted school bus and yes, it does offer a nice alternative if you want a safe trip in wine country and don't have someone who is a willing sober driver. The line extends from many hotels in and around Sonoma's gorgeous central square and the intersection of the 121 and 116 highways. Stops include some of the better small and medium sized wineries of the region, staying away from the huge producers makes this something which I am happy to support.  That, and their insistence that they receive no commission from wineries from their stops. Bravo!

More info over at Wines and Vines.


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