Mark Aselstine
May 28, 2012 | Mark Aselstine

Premium Wine Clubs

We have premium wine clubs!

We get the question almost every day right now: Why should I join one of your wine clubs when there are other, cheaper options available?

Let’s break this down into a few different categories, first why join one of our wine clubs instead of buying wine locally and second, why our wine club instead of one of our competitors.

I’ve drank plenty of $5 and $10 wine in my life. I think Trader Joe’s and your local grocery store during a sale do a pretty good job of providing wine at that price.

What I don’t think those type of stores do a good job of providing is really, really high quality wines. That’s where we come in. I think if you compare what we offer to your local grocery store, or even your local wine store you’ll see range of offerings which simply aren’t available elsewhere.

Wines like Kinero and Roar which we shipped last month are great examples. Kinero is a personal lable of the winemaker at Denner Vineyards, Anthony Young. Anthony makes three different white wines, crafting less than 500 cases total among the three. These aren’t wines which your average grocery store even knows about and your average wine store isn’t able to access them either. We are because we’ve gotten to know Anthony a bit after meeting him in person.

Roar is another outstanding example. If you don’t believe me, check out the Roar website. Sold Out. The fact is that this is another personal relationship which has allowed us to access some of the best Pinot Noir in the state of California, from one of the top vineyard farming families anywhere.

As for our competitors. Some are certainly bigger. Most have been around quite a bit longer. While I can respect their ability to find new customers, what I don’t quite understand is why they aren’t willing to share the wines that they ship. We’re willing to share, directly on our website our last three months of shipments as well as a short list of our favorite wines from the past year. Does anyone else give you that much information? What are they trying to hide?


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