Mark Aselstine
November 8, 2011 | Mark Aselstine

Night Harvests

When we first opened Uncorked Ventures we started hearing from winery after winery that they were either already harvesting at night, or were planning to begin the practice. There are some real advantages to beginning and ending your harvest at night according to USA Today:

"Daytime temperatures in the 90s and above change the sugar composition of grapes. Picking at night when sugar levels are stable keeps "surprises" from happening during fermentation such as wild yeast starting fermentation, says Shafer's Andy Demsky.

Pickers can work longer hours in the lower temperatures and also avoid the "wasps, bees and rattlesnakes" that come out during the day, he says. And the grapes are picked cool, saving energy because they don't have to be pre-chilled before they're crushed."

Overall, a practice which brings about both better wine and better conditions for the seasonal laborers whom are largely responsible for bringing in grape crops has to be a good thing.


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