Mark Aselstine
October 17, 2011 | Mark Aselstine

More on the 2011 Vintage

The discussion of old world versus new world wines is both one of my favorites, as well as one of the most frustrating aspects to the wine industry, in my opinion.

While I understand that there are overarching winemaking styles and growing conditions which can largely differentiate French and California wine, I think it’s overly simplistic to make broad statements about literally thousands of wineries.

Jon Bonne is, without question one of the most respected and influencial wine writers in the world today. In fact the wine column in the San Francisco Chronicle is probably the most influencial of any daily newspaper.

His article about the 2011 vintage in California (with a few notes on France) brings up some interesting points.

-Weather conditions in California were much cooler than normal this year, while conditions in France were much, much warmer.
-Experts and wine drinkers who dismiss California’s wine as being too ripe will likely be very surprised at what ends up in their glass from this vintage.

It's an interesting read about what's in the pipeline for the worldwide wine industry.


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