Mark Aselstine
September 23, 2011 | Mark Aselstine

Local Wineries and the Weekend

One thing that always irks me when I see conversations about the direct shipment of wine is the conversation piece (never put forward by the wineries themselves) about how shipments from outside the state need to be stopped to protect local wineries and retailers.

We know a few things about wine consumption. As consumption increases there tends to be a movement toward both better wine as well as local wine. To put it simply, someone who drinks 2 bottles of wine a week at home is much more likely to spend $50 or more on a California Cult Cab, while also being much more likely to wine taste at a local winery, or travel to a local winery to enjoy a jazz concert etc than is someone who buys a single bottle per month at their local grocery store. If you look at the markets in California and other states the statistics bear out the conclusion that greater choice does in fact mean better wine and better wine does in fact lead to greater consumption.

I bring this up to simply say, enjoy the good weather that is sweeping over much of the country this weekend by supporting a local winery by having lunch and a glass of wine. Much of the time you’ll have an enjoyable experience.  If you get a chance, please support the direct shipment of wine by stopping by Free The Grapes.  It's good for the industry to allow competition in every market.


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