Mark Aselstine
January 7, 2014 | Mark Aselstine

Happy New Year Our 2014 Goals

Let me be the first to simply say thank you to our customers.  Your business is greatly appreciated.  Here’s some of what we’re working on as the page turns and the new year begins:

-Even better newsletters: Last year we upgraded our newsletters from a half page to a full single page each.  This year, we want to continue providing at least that much custom information (unlike many of our competitors, we don’t copy and paste from the winery site, we share our own personal notes and thoughts) while improving the look and feel of the newsletters themselves.

-More Gift Baskets: Your thoughts and feelings about our three gift baskets and the program in general have come in loud and clear.  There’s a place in the gift basket industry for a company with better packaging, better wine and better products included.  We’ve also seen your ordering preferences loud and clear the wide variety of products within the Gourmet Gift Basket is a clear selling point.  More are coming, we promise.

-Easier Re-Orders: We’ve heard you loud and clear, discounts are fun and welcome especially as December credit card bills come due.  In the next few month’s you’ll see a wine club members only store that makes it easier for you to re-order wines you’ve already received, as well as offering a number of other wines that don’t fit in our wine clubs, at a discount.  As you might expect, even though we focus on west coast wines and wineries, we do find interesting international wines on occasion.

-More Video on the Blog: One thing we’ve heard quite a bit as well, introduce us to the people behind the wine that we’re drinking.  On our trips to wine country, you’ll start to see more video from the people that live and work at the wineries we’re shipping to your front door.  They can explain the important parts of their winery better than we can, so we’re going to let them.

-Carbon Neutral Shipping: The wine industry, perhaps more so than others is dependent on both a consistent and stable environment to continue its growth. A few degrees warmer on a daily basis in Napa is going to radically change the character of Napa’s wines, so the wine industry itself, in my opinion at least, has a responsibility to be a steward for the environment.  Much of that stewardship comes from behind the scenes, like Napa Valley, Sonoma and other world class wine growing regions protecting both open space, as well as their water table levels. For us, we’re not the most environmentally efficient part of the wine sales process.  Yes, we use recyclable or compostable materials, but IMO there is more to do.  In the next few months, we’ll be partnering with an environmental agency here locally in the Bay Area to off set the carbon we’re using to ship everyone their wine.  The process is incredibly easy and frankly cheap, so it’s simply the right thing to do no matter where you fall on the long term affects of climate change-this isn’t something that our customers will be charged for, but it’s something that I believe to be an important step for us.


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