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August 24, 2011 | Mark Aselstine

Gary Vaynerchuk Retires from Wine Videos

We won't often link to competitors in this space, but we couldn't see the following without making a comment on a number of levels.

Gary Vaynerchuk retires from wine videos.

Other than Robert Parker on the review side, I don't think you can compare Gary V's utter dominance of the video realm of wine to anyone else in the industry.  He helped to not only create the medium, but continued to define it during his time at Wine Library. I'll certainly miss his style as I think his brand of bringing wine into a level that everyone can understand (who else compares a wine flavor to a 50/50 bar?) which was badly needed in the industry when he started and continues to be a need to this day. Too often we see tasting room employees acting like everyone coming in the front should know everything about wine, especially when you compare that to the average winemaker who is among the most approachable people we've ever met.  For his influence on the wine industry, Gary V will certainly be missed.  Given our short attempts at adding video to the site and our Youtube channel, I can also appreciate the drain that a daily video must have been.  It's a lot of work to be sure and while the Daily Grape wasn't ever really daily, I can certainly understand why not.  All of this is to say that Gary V is certainly going to be missed by the wider wine industry on a daily basis, but I highly doubt that we've seen the last of him.  If you haven't read Crush It, it's almost required reading for anyone doing business online and if we can build Uncorked Ventures to have the same type of industry acceptance that Gary V has created for himself, we'll be incredibly happy and fortunate to have done so.

Lastly, I do have a brief personal note. I also must admit that having spent some time guest writing over at Cork'd (a previously closed Gary V project) I got to know Jon Troutman a bit through email.  Jon was and always has been a close Gary V associated (they swing the camera around to show him off during the final video) and I've come to respect the way he carries himself in the trade immensely.  I hope that there are as many opportunities for Jon in the coming months as there are for Gary V.  By all accounts, he deserves them.


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