Mark Aselstine
August 27, 2014 | Mark Aselstine

Downtown Napa Earthquake

In the days since I first recorded the video more information has come in and damage from the earthquake looks to be a bit more extensive than I initially thought.  Historic wineries like Ceja Vineyards lost much of their library, which is so unfortunate on so many levels.  That seems to be a common issue here, while the case goods (ie wine already bottled) made out just fine and overall, most of what's in barrel turned out just fine with a few exceptions, cellar's throughout the valley took a pretty bad hit.  I'm sorry to all those who lost anything in the earthquake and hope you find comfort from the wider wine community.

Hey, Mark Aselstine with Uncorked Ventures. So biggest news of the day, obviously, for the wine industry, there was a 6.0 or 6.1 earthquake that shook Napa Valley over the weekend. There was extensive damage in downtown Napa. The Vintner's Collective on Second, the Hotel Andaz, and quite a few other businesses were either kind of completely shut down for a while while they cleanup or at least suffered some serious damage. There's a couple of high-end boutiques and antique shops that, it sounds like, 80% or so of their inventory was destroyed. 

In essence, you know, I grew up in California, so earthquakes aren't the scariest thing in the world to me, but you just know that anything above a 5.0 and you have breakable stuff and it's kind of located close to you, anything breakable is in trouble. The good news about it is that some of the custom crush facilities, Bin to Bottle... I heard from my friends at Vellum Wine Craft that everything there looks just fine. Most of the high-end wineries are well-enough made that they withstood everything just fine. Still a major problem in Napa, but it looks like everybody is cleaning up, and thanks for the time


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