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October 13, 2021 | Mark Aselstine

Davis Family Vineyards

Davis Family VineyardsDavis Family Vineyards

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending Pinot Days in San Francisco.  While writing about some of the wines and wineries that I found during that beautiful afternoon in San Francisco has largely been pushed onto the back burner, there's a number of wineries that certainly deserve a mention in this space.

I decided to start with Davis Family Vineyards for two main reasons.  To start, the wine really stuck with me throughout the day.  Despite tasting at least fifty different versions of Pinot Noir throughout a three hour course through the grape's different manifestations from California and beyond, I thought the Davis Family Vineyards version offered the best combination of acidity and richness.  Quite simply it was a wine that I really enjoyed and think anyone, no matter their level of "wine geekyness" will enjoy.  Over at the Pinot File, the stature of these wines are summed up well enough indeed: "The perfect Pinot Noir hasn't been produced yet, but some of the ephemeral Pinot Noirs crafted by Guy Davis of Davis Family Vineyards have come darn close. Guy's style matches bright, complex aromas and flavors with silky textures and impeccable balance, while capturing the essence of Russian River Valley terroir."

Davis Family Vineyards has largely been created with two simple and concrete assumptions by the family.  First, wine is part of the good life that we've talked about for some time here as well.  Think about the last time you had good friends to your house for dinner, that's better with a great bottle of wine right? Secondly, the Davis Family will be stewards of their environment and the vineyards that they own.  As you can tell by only a few moments with any of the family, or just by visiting their website, this is a family operation all the way.  I think we can all agree that you are likely to treat the land and vines a bit better if you want your sons to be able to make world class wine from the property for years after you're gone, rather than looking to increase the sales price of your winery.

I should also mention that Davis happens to be a family name on my wife's side, so I absolutely had to stop and say hello when I realized that it wasn't a sales manager or tasting room employee manning their Pinot Days booth.  Mentioning the name to Judy Davis brought a laugh and shake of her head, she mentioned that I'm far from the first person to mention the connection.  Given that has over 27 million records for the last name, that's not surprising (compare with about 900 for my own!) but Judy seemed to enjoy being able to talk about it and how it's


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