Mark Aselstine
June 28, 2013 | Mark Aselstine

Cayucos: Where to Stay for Paso Robles Wine Tasting

The Coastal Town of Cayucos:

the beach at CayucosOne of the things that makes Paso Robles still unique within California wine is that it isn’t a huge built up tourist destination.  Sure, the signs are there and developers are clamoring for the opportunity to build more around the rapidly expanding wine industry, but a lot of people are surprised at the relative lack of hotels around Vineyard Drive and downtown Paso Robles.

That lack of space when combined with tourists long held beliefs about California (everyone lives next to the beach right?) means that staying in small coastal areas a few minutes drive from Paso Robles makes sense for a lot of people.

One of our favorite places to stay when we visit Paso Robles is the town of Cayucos. Located on the Pacific coastline where the famous Highway 1 intersects with Old Creek Road, Cayucos makes an almost ideal spot to stay when visiting Paso Robles’ wineries.

town of CayucosIf you have a look, yes it’s a bit of a restored wild west town-although the California coastline wasn’t as developed originally (outside of San Francisco of course) as the inland valley’s and mountains were because of the gold rush.

In any case, people stay in Cayucos because the downtown area is walkable, it has an easily accessible beach, enough shopping to keep people interested in shorter stays and enough restaurants to last you a week, when you’re probably only there for a weekend.

Many people who stay in Cayucos enjoy renting a home via a vacation by owner site like ( while others go a cheaper route and simply stay in one of the 150+ motel rooms, largely found in smaller motels right in town (check Tripadvisor for both a current list as well as update to date reviews).

In any case Cayucos makes an enjoyable and convenient place to visit the wineries of Paso Robles.  The drive from the beach can be breathtaking and takes you under 30 minutes door to door.


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