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August 20, 2013 | Mark Aselstine

Brix Chicks

Brix Chicks

We added a new link to our blogroll this afternoon, Liza and others from Brix Chicks.

Let’s start with some of the basics, Brix Chicks is a blog written by three different women, one of which Liza is friends with one of our favorite bloggers, Thea from Luschious Lushes.

While I don’t doubt that one of the reasons I enjoy reading Brix Chicks is that Liza is local to me here in the east bay region of San Francisco (see posts on the Oakland restaurant A16 and Cornology on Bay Street, which my wife finds randomly strewn about our home office on the occasion my toddler needs something from Old Navy or Gap) but I also enjoy reading the blog because it brings a set of different perspectives and palate’s together in one place.

While I might be able to do without so many recent posts on Rose, it’s only hit 70 a couple of days in a row now at my house, therefore the thought of it being warm enough for me to want to open a Rose, is too painful and frustrating to consider, the blog mixes a nice assortment of wine reviews and information on wine regions, usually with a bit of history or interesting facts mixed in.

When I read wine blogs, I don’t want them to have only tasting notes included and the writing style and tone at Brix Chicks is something that I enjoy.  I think you will as well.


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