Mark Aselstine
October 4, 2011 | Mark Aselstine

Being Family Owned and San Antonio Winery

Those of you that have found your way to this Blog over the past few months, or have spent any time looking at the About Us section on Uncorked Ventures already know that we’re a family owned business-being family owned is something we’re proud of.

A quick fill in, Matt and I are brothers in law. He married the oldest daughter and I married the youngest which makes Uncorked Ventures, according to plenty of people we talk to rather unique in family arrangements. That as you might expect, is a nice fit in the wine industry which is made up largely of family owned wineries and vineyard owners.

The one part of the wine industry, which has largely moved away from family ownership is the mass producers of millions of cases of wine per year. Bronco Wine Company, Mondavi and a few others are good examples of that and while we respect the growth those businesses have showed over the past generation, we hope that the wine industry doesn’t lose the family owned aspect to the business. As we’re found, customers love hearing a great story about why a winery opened and the family dynamics which are often at play.

I bring all this up to mention one large winery (reportedly crafting over 1 million cases of wine per year) which is both still family owned and situated in an area which isn’t home to many wineries.

San Antonio Winery is located in downtown Los Angeles and has been continuously operated by the same family since its founding in 1917. San Antonio has an interesting set of wines, which aren’t a fit for any of our wine clubs as they’re more likely to be sold internationally or at Trader Joe’s, but for the price-we think they’re a nice alternative to Charles Shaw and others.


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