Mark Aselstine
May 30, 2013 | Mark Aselstine

A Pennsylvania Wine Blogger? Unicorn or Real?

We’ve talked about the cumbersome and frankly annoying rules and regulations in relation to shipping wine from one state to another plenty of this blog already, but the topic came up again for us when we ran into another wine blog that we like quite a bit, Jason Cohen’s Convicted for Grape. Normally, we’d think about shipping Jason some of our favorite wines from the past few months to review-but given that isn’t a possibility, we decided to mention him in this space instead.

Based in Pennsylvania, we don’t run in the same wine ciricles.  After all, we’re shipping smaller producers from the west coast and since he is in Pennsylvania, those are exactly the type of wineries which would destroy the fabric of society, according to the state at least.

In any case, we’ve found Jason’s blog to be an interesting and often eclectic mix of reviews, viewpoints and thoughts about the world of wine.  We’ve enjoyed his thoughts on the state of Pennsylvania’s state owned liquor stores and his idea about what constitutes the golden age of wine writing.  We do agree that the continued widening of writing about the world of wine is a good thing, more well known and respected blogs and bloggers is a good thing for the little guy, after all our PR department consists of well, me for about an hour or two per week.

Anyway, for our regular readers you’ll find a dramatically different set of wines reviewed on his blog than some of the others that we’ve mentioned already.  When it comes to international wines, I’m sure you’ll find the blog to be a valuable and efficient resource (love the way the review search function is set up).

BTW: What the hell is a white Syrah?




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