Winery Profles

There are currently well over 5,000 active commercial wineries within the United States and an inordinate number of international choices.  Knowing something about each winery with that number of choices simply isn't possible, so we've tried to create a more manageable list for you here.  Over time, as our list builds our winery profiles will be grouped by tasting regions (so you can visit them in person) and we've tried to incliude both the small artisan wineries which we typically include in our wine clubs as well as the larger wineries with a history and typically more extensive tours.

Lastly, please come back often as we should be starting wine tasting tour suggestions in this area as well.

Alpha Omega: One of the top wineries along the 29 hgihway through Napa Valley.

Bogle Vineyards: Value wines sold across the country, some of the best $10 and under wine on the market consistently, year after year.

JR Wines: Incredible quality and value.  One of the few Napa wineries producing 94+ point bottles for under $50.

Paul Hobbs: The namestake winery of the famed consulting winemaker Paul Hobbs.

Priest Ranch: A great example of a winery where the hype is well deserved.  Multiple 93+ point offerings according to major critics, priced around $40.  A great tasting room location in Yountville and the ability to visit their 1,600 acre vineyard make Priest Ranch a great visit.

Sojourn Cellars: Outstanding Sonoma producer, a range of Sonoma Pinot Noir's as well as a few Napa Cab offerings.