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Matt Krause & Mark Aselstine


"Uncorked Ventures made giving a gift an easy and stress free process. After ordering online I received a shipment confirmation and my wine gift was delivered the next afternoon." - Claire O

Are you looking to buy an impressive and appreciated gift for someone who knows more—maybe much more—about wine than you? Mark and Matt of Uncorked Ventures have taken the guesswork and the difficulty away, by traveling to the off-the-beaten-track vineyards of California, Oregon and Washington to find you the most amazing wines. Wines not everybody has heard of. Wines you will not find in your grocery store. Wines that will have your friend or family member exclaiming, “WOW! Thank you—I would never have experienced this without you!”

What’s different from a grocery store wine and a bottle sourced by Mark and Matt? Get the person you’re buying the gift for to share a taste with you, and you’ll know. Great wine is an experience—you care about what’s in your glass, not just “Pour me another glass of red.” This astonishing difference is what you’re buying for your friend or family member; it’s the thing they value above all with wine.

When a wine is so good it can be the centerpiece of a fun afternoon hour, accompanied only by conversation and perhaps some crackers and carefully chosen cheese…when a wine fills in all the little spaces between the bites of a delicious dinner, expanding and enhancing the entrée’s flavors…when a wine you bought for someone special is the one thing they’re talking about with their enthusiast friends two weeks later and wanting more of it…that’s what you get when you buy an Uncorked Ventures gift shipment.

If you really want to bowl over your special someone who knows about wine, then you’ve come to the right place. Surprise them, astonish them, impress them: give them the gift of a fresh, deep and exciting wine experience! 

Some of our Wine Gift Reviews:

Ben: unique wine gifts

"My mother in law absolutely loves wine and frankly I barely can drink the stuff.  She spends so much of her time on vacation wine tasting that it just seemed silly to walk into Bevmo and try and buy her a bottle she was going to like.  When I found Uncorked they seemed to go to the same kinds of wineries that she does, so I ordered her a three month wine gift from one of their clubs. She's been really happy with the wine and the whole process has been painless for me.  I get a tracking number each month when the gift is shipped so I know it is going out on time."


"Honestly I hate paying for shipping, thus the 4 stars.  That being said, the wines have really been great and my wife loves the fact that she gets 2 bottles of wine delivered to her at work every month. We weren't sure how much we were going to enjoy receiving random wines, but the ability to learn a bit about wine regions has been a lot of fun.  We'd never bought a lot of wine from Washington State because it isn't really available here in Ohio, but we find ourselves talking more about those wines than the California choices which is a pretty big surprise.  We've been really happy with the customer service as well.  They haven't done everything perfectly, but I can appreciate that they are a small business and I can talk to one of the owners if I want to."


"I think whenever you're thinking of spending $50 or more on a bottle of wine you have to wonder about the shipping and storage conditions.  I called and talked to Matt and he told me about how they don't carry inventory for long periods and that the wine is stored in their air conditioned warehouse.  Given that I wanted to send the wine as a gift to my mom in San Diego I asked how long it would take to arrive and much to my amazement, he said the next day.  Sure enough, around 3pm the following afternoon my first shipment was delivered to my mom's office.  I really appreciate the short shipping schedule because I can be more confident that the wine is arriving in good condition."


"I can't really comment on the quality of the wines being shipped since I gave these wine clubs as gifts, but I've always gotten good comments from my friends and family on the wine.  I can say a simple thank you because the website is easy to use and convenient. For a small family owned wine store, I think they're doing a nice job at making things easy on their customers."

Tim: best wine giftswine gift ideas

"I recently ordered a couple of gift baskets as thank you gifts for clients.  In the past when I've sent gifts I've received a simple email saying thanks, or no real response.  I generally think it is the right thing to do as an accountant though, which means I've been looking for a company to help me maximize my ROI on these gifts.  After sending a group of gift baskets I received a phone call thanking me for sending such a great chocolate gift basket.  It was nice to get such quality feedback.  Personally, I think the improved packing helps a ton."

News from our Blog:

----What makes a great gift?  We ask ourselves that all the time and maybe its because my birthday just passed that gift giving is the top of mind, but what do you think makes a great gift? Personally, I want something easy to give, that's a high quality.  Basically, that's what we are trying to create here at Uncorked Ventures.

----We understand the need for quality products delivered in a timely manner.  We wanted to take a moment to remind everyone finding our site during these warm summer months that shipments are sometimes slightly delayed due to adverse weather conditions.  While we try and make sure your wine gifts are delivered in a timely manner, there are some delays at times when the weather reaches 100 degrees or warmer in shipping lanes.