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Matt Krause & Mark Aselstine


"Uncorked Ventures made giving a gift an easy and stress free process. After ordering online I received a shipment confirmation and my wine gift was delivered the next afternoon." - Claire O

Are you looking to buy an impressive and appreciated gift for someone who knows more—maybe much more—about wine than you? Mark and Matt of Uncorked Ventures have taken the guesswork and the difficulty away, by traveling to the off-the-beaten-track vineyards of California, Oregon and Washington to find you the most amazing wines. Wines not everybody has heard of. Wines you will not find in your grocery store. Wines that will have your friend or family member exclaiming, “WOW! Thank you—I would never have experienced this without you!”

What’s different from a grocery store wine and a bottle sourced by Mark and Matt? Get the person you’re buying the gift for to share a taste with you, and you’ll know. Great wine is an experience—you care about what’s in your glass, not just “Pour me another glass of red.” This astonishing difference is what you’re buying for your friend or family member; it’s the thing they value above all with wine.

When a wine is so good it can be the centerpiece of a fun afternoon hour, accompanied only by conversation and perhaps some crackers and carefully chosen cheese…when a wine fills in all the little spaces between the bites of a delicious dinner, expanding and enhancing the entrée’s flavors…when a wine you bought for someone special is the one thing they’re talking about with their enthusiast friends two weeks later and wanting more of it…that’s what you get when you buy an Uncorked Ventures gift shipment.

If you really want to bowl over your special someone who knows about wine, then you’ve come to the right place. Surprise them, astonish them, impress them: give them the gift of a fresh, deep and exciting wine experience!