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Wine Club

  • 2 wines per shipment:
    1 white & 1 red
  • 2 wines per shipment:
    1 white & 1 red
  • 2 wines per shipment:
    1 white & 1 red
$40 per shipment See Details
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Special Selections

Wine Club

  • 2 red wines per
  • Limited production, high demand wines
  • Perfect for those with discerning taste
$95 per shipment See Details
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Reserve Selections

Wine Club

  • 2 or 3 red wines per
  • Highly prized, cellar
    worthy wines
  • When only the finest
    will do
$195 per shipment See Details
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15% discount on all wine club reorders. First dibs on all special selections and last call wines, before they are offered to the public Monthly newsletter with tasting tips and industry favorites Receive 2-3 outstanding bottles of wine in each shipment

Matt Krause & Mark Aselstine

Member Testimonials

"I can highly recommend these wine clubs. We've enjoyed our year long membership and plan to continue. It's an added bonus when you get one of the owners on the phone directly... that's really good customer service." - Tina G

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Wine Club:

Admit it: there's something special about the subtle anticipation that comes from being knowledgeable about all things wine.  We all like to be the person in charge of the wine list at a restaurant don't we? Isn't it a little bit exciting to know that you know more about wine than not only your friends, but your server as well?

It's also nice knowing that arriving for you from a pair of expert wine hunters is a fresh and profound wine experience not many others will have the chance to have on a consistent basis. You know that wine appreciation is one of the few things that reminds us we are all individuals and not everyone is drinking the same old wine sold at your grocery store. Rather than dividing us, wine gives us a fascinating subject to explore and discuss with fellow enthusiasts. Few groups of hobbyists take their hobby to the same heights as wine drinkers.

The pleasures of wine are experienced alone, then shared with others; and it is this level of refinement that brings you back again and again. Mark and Matt of Uncorked Ventures head out into the California, Oregon and Washington's wine country to find little-known but excellent vineyards, develop lasting relationships with the proprietors and gain access to limited production wines others cannot.

If you seek wines that earn the points or would but they're in such small production sizes that they never get on mainstream radar, make the decision and get the different, consistently great and conversation-worthy wine experiences from Uncorked Ventures!

In our experience a winemaker is more likely to bring out the most interesting and surprising wines in person, rather than simply offering what they're trying to sell to anyone over the phone or online. As my son often says, "What's That?" when you're tasting with the owner of a winery and you notice a different looking bottle behind him, often makes the best wine appear.

We've shipped quite a few wines that are only offered to a winery's own wine club or distribution list and they only reason we were able to get access to these is because we went to meet them in person. Even in the age of Facebook, Twitter and the social media revolution nothing beats a handshake or a rambling conversation about life and the wine business. Unlike our competitors, we spend time in wine country.

Remember the last time you were caught up in the moment, standing in a vineyard palace, the breeze, the sensation of the glass held in your fingers, the bouquet, the action, the companionship? That's how wineries sell their wine, often overpriced for well over $100 a bottle. That's the tasting experience the choices we offer bring to your table: whether it's in your dining room or your backyard, you'll love it, every time. It's the exact experience we're so priviledged to have on a weekly basis, which is the only way not to get caught up in it completely.

If you're the kind of person who cares deeply about what wine is in your glass, rather than "just another Cabernet" then this club is right for you. A wine of the month club from Uncorked Ventures is meant to be an experience. Sharing wine with friends should not only promote conversation, but your wine club should allow you to fall asleep at night not thinking of the terrible time you had at work, but instead about that great glass of wine. Wine clubs aren't all the same and any of the three wine club offerings from Uncorked Ventures are sure to be the absolute highest quality in their respective price points. From our Wine Exploration Club which is meant to education and expand your palate and wine knowledge to our Special Selections Club which delivers the best wine under $50 of any wine club in existence, we take pride in every bottle of wine we ship. Of course, our Reserve Selections Club provides only the best wine available anywhere, usually made in such small quantities your local wine store can't even access it.

We hope you'll take a moment to look around and join one of our wine clubs today! An online wine club from Uncorked Ventures, where we spend time in wine country creating relationships with winemakers, vineyard owners and winery staff and you benefit from it. Every bottle we ship in our wine clubs scores in the 90 point range according to major wine critics, our wine club offerings are certainly the highest quality available.

Thank you for taking the time to consider Uncorked Ventures.  We take that choice seriously and hope you'll come back in the future.