Wine Fundraising with Uncorked Ventures

Are you looking for a company capable of helping craft the perfect wine fundraiser for your organization?

At Uncorked Ventures we have experience running wine tasting fundraisers for groups from a few interested people to larger gatherings of a few hundred.

You're probably wondering, how does this usually work?

A lot depends on the size of the event and where you'd like to host it, but generally speaking Uncorked Ventures will work with a homeowner, private facility or organization to find a suitable space for the tasting event. Uncorked Ventures will either provide the wine directly for small fundraisers, or invite in wineries to pour wine themselves for larger gatherings. We generally suggest accepting a small entrance fee to help confirm the number of expected attendees with that money being used to help offset the cost of passed appetizers, rented tables, stemware etc.

At your wine tasting fundraiser, we'll provide your guests and donors with a brief overview of each winery and wine that's being featured. For many guests, the opportunity to taste the type of small production wines that have made Uncorked Ventures one of the most popular wine clubs around is the highlight of the night. Lastly, of course the point of the night (aside from creating a fun, inviting atmosphere) is to make money for your charity. We'll take orders from the guests with a percentage of sales going back to your charity. Since so many people ask, the donation percentage usually is 20%.

Contact us today to start raising funds for your organization in a fun and exciting way.