Pudget Sound Wines

We only take the time to list Pudget Sound as an AVA, not because the quality of the grown grapes is comparable to elsewhere, but because it is the closest to Seattle. Many wineries are starting to open tasting rooms in and around the Pudget Sound, which is a very smart business decision. We’d love to be able to taste great wines on a short trip to Seattle when we don’t have time to drive to Wala Wala (about 4 hours away) however wine buyers need not be confused about the AVA where these wines were grown.

Pudget Sound, Columbia Gorge, Horse Haven Hills, Rattlesnake Hills and Wahluke Slope all have a history of producing uneven fruit, at best. When buying Washington wine, I’d rather take a little more time and find a higher quality product at the same price, no matter where the tasting room sits.