Thanksgiving Wine

Thanksgiving is always a special time of year in the United States.  At Uncorked Ventures, as a family owned business we have a special understanding of the pressures involved in selecting wines for the occasion.

The challenges of pairing wines with the diverse set of foods served on a normal Thanksgiving table are almost endless, let alone the challenge associated with having family members with different palates and experience levels with wine.  Frankly, serving a $200 per bottle Cult Cab from Napa might not make much sense, if no one else at the table drinks enough wine to appreciate it.

We've tried to make things simple by including three basic wines to serve.  If these wines aren't available you'll notice we've suggested common varietals, so you can easily pick up a locally available replacement at your local wine store or a grocery store.

Sparkling Wine: People usually think of sparkling wine as simply Champagne.  Much like Kleenex has dominated its industry, there are plenty of other quality choices for a sparkling wine.  Some families will serve this with dessert, although we typically leave that open for Port and other sweeter wines.

Chardonnay: Quite frankly, Chardonnay is a necessity on any table.  To start there is certainly a percentage of the population whom only drinks white wine.  Chardonnay pairs well with a variety of Thanksgiving side dishes, with the caveat that you want a Chardonnay which is only lightly oaked, if at all.

Pinot Noir: Easily the best wine to pair with a well prepared turkey.

Cabernet Sauvignon: Just as some people at your table won't drink Chardonnay, some will only drink Cabernet Sauvignon or something else with an equivalent weight with dinner.  While we don't love most Cab's for pairing with turkey, we've selected a lighter, higher acidity Cabernet Sauvignon to pair with the turkey on your table.