Welcome to Italy and the bella vida, or the beautiful life. Sangiovese is the most important grape grown in all of Italy and the Italians have used it for centuries to make all of their most important wines from Chianti to the more contemporary Super Tuscan.

If you started drinking wine in the 1960’s you will remember Chianti (and therefore Sangiovese) as a daily wine that is low quality wine made for checkered table cloths, but it can take an incredible amount of forms. Perhaps since Sangiovese has been growing in Italy since antiquity, there are an incredible amount of genetic mutations in the grape itself. It is not uncommon to find Sangiovese grapes on opposite sides of a 1 lane dirt country road to be as genetically different as Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon.

The differences in wines being produced in Italian Sangiovese also occurs because there are so many different microclimates even within Tuscany itself. Sangiovese is also a demanding grape, perhaps the second most demanding grape to grow in the entire world. Other then Pinot Noir, Sangiovese causes vintners the most concern of any grape in the world.