San Francisco Bay AVA

As one might expect, this is the AVA which encompasses the area directly around the San Francisco Bay. Although most every wine drinker could find the city of San Francisco and the Bay quite easily on a map, the version most of us are accustomed to seeing is an incredibly simplified version. The SF Bay AVA includes part of the east bay locations of Alameda and Contra Costa Counties (think Oakland) while the areas of the Peninsula are also included which are San Mateo and Santa Clara. The mountain areas of Santa Cruz and San Benito are also included in this larger AVA which of course includes the city of San Francisco itself.

While the city of San Francisco is not home to any significant grape growing (perhaps any at all) it is now home to at least six wineries. Wineries choose to move into the city for a number of reasons which include access to huge amounts of tourists, cheaper air conditioning bills because of the massively cooler temperatures and the general prestige that comes from calling one of the classic international cities home.