If you had one guess about the oldest grape varietal in the world, would you guess this small, barely known varietal from Alsace could be it?

There are actually two types of Muscat, which are comingled so greatly that it is difficult to find a wine made from one or the other that is of world class quality.

Muscat d’Alsace is the best known of the Muscat groups and produces wine on its own that is both fuller bodied and offers some of the strongest floral notes of any wine in the world.

Muscat Ottonel is the other version of the grape and offers a lighter body, smaller floral notes.

Most wine regions which create Muscat make a sweet version of the wine, however Alsace still makes a dry table version of the wine. It is Alsace that crafts the best Muscat wine, it often gives amazing floral aromas including orange and tangerine.