We realize that our wine club members and our readers don't only look to us for their wine knowledge and frankly, their wine purchases.  We've created a short list of other wine sites and organizations that you might find useful.  While I'm sure our attorney would suggest we have some legal-eeze styled disclaimer here, I think it should be sufficient to simply say that yes, these companies and their corresponding websites are owned by other people therefore we don't control the content or quality of their offerings and no, we don't have a commercial relationship with any of them.

E Robert Parker: It almost feels like they don't need an introduction, but Robert Parker's Wine Advocate has an established website and online porthole that has one of the busiest wine bulletin board's online, as well as a collection of all past issues of the Magazine.  If you have a total complete, wine lover on your list-a subscription to eRobertParker simply cannot be beat!

Your Wine Style: An online project between the award winning Michael Karam, who wrote the definitive guide on wines from Lebanon some years ago along with various contributing international wine experts.  It's worth a read as a chance to hear and interesting take from a region of the world we don't often get to hear often enough.  Their site also offers a number of valuable survey's and other informational aspects and in my opinion at least helps to show why Lebanon and some of the culture there simply seems important in the wider geographic center where they're based.

California Winery Advisor: Honestly, one of the most complete guides available when it comes to California wine.  No matter where you're planning on tasting from Mendocino in the north, to Temecula in the south there's plenty of good information available here.  We appreciate their willingness to share information on not only wine, but also restaurants and hotels as well.

WINEormous: Ok, so we aren't in love with every bit of wine being made in Temecula.  That being said, this is a really high quality site that focuses on a wine region, which has the opportunity to take perhaps the biggest step forward of any within California in the next decade in terms of both wine quality as well as, critical reputation. While I don't live in Southern California any more, this is a great choice for a tour of Temecula's wine country if you're among the 30M people that live within an hour's drive of the wine region, or if you're among the tens of millions that flock to, well Hollywood, Disneyland or the best beaches in America on a yearly basis. Why not take a day for a bit of wine tasting on your next trip?