Central USA AVA

While AVA's not found on either coast struggle for both public reconition and critical acclaim, there are a number of area which are focused on increasing production amounts and quality. We've attempted to cover every AVA here, while still focusing attention on those which show the most promise in terms of future quality. Long term the type of quality wine produced in these regions is likely to differ from the French classic varietals which have made California famous, but that isn't to say opportunity doesn't exist. We hope wineries focus on finding the best grapes for their own unique growing conditions, not simply the grapes which earn the highest dollar based on consumer sentiment.

Texas AVA's: Perhaps the central state most focused on increasing its presence in the wine community, Texas now boasts nearly 200 wineries which is a dramatic increase from only 40 a decade ago. While an expanding population, including an influx of residents from more wine centric states like California and Oregon as well as a deep history in international trade, Texas should soon become one of the five to ten most important wine producers in the country.

Mesilla Valley

Bell Mountain


Texas Hill Country

Escondido Valley

Texas High Plains

Texas Davis Mountains