Cabernet Severny

In this case, Cabernet isn't nearly as relevent as Severny.  Severny is a Russian word, well known in the region as a location (one of the largest islands in the world, although 50% covered with ice cap) as well as a common last name in the country (not Jones common, but maybe Adams or something similar).

In the wine world Sererny is a grape which is native to Russia, hardly a region known for the type of temperate climates which grow wine well.  As the amount of wine consumed in the world has increased and as tastes in the former Eastern Block have continued to evolve, there has been a greater need and want for a local wine industry.

Severny grows well in extremely cold conditions and is incredibly resistant to frost.  While this isn't a grape whcih will be available anywhere in the United States as of yet, it is being planted in cooler parts of New York State (think Niagara, or just south of Niagara Falls and north of Buffalo) and is of interest to viticulture researchers because hybrids may in fact hold up under cooler growing conditions.  Ice wine has long been prone to lose whoe clusters because of mold and other water damage during freezing, so there is a real need in the area.