If you are wondering what to give someone for the next major holiday, or for their next birthday, a membership in a wine of the month club can be a thoughtful idea. Even if you just choose a three-month or even a six-month option, instead of a full year, you will be giving this person a surprise that will show up out of the blue. For oenophiles, this can be the ideal gift. Imagine getting home from work and finding a new chardonnay, malbec, or an exciting blend that you have not tried before – but have read and heard about. This sort of gift will endear you to the person who you gave it to for months. If you don’t want to sign up a friend or relative for a club, there are other wine gifts that you can consider. Do they have a favorite chenin blanc or sparkling wine? Many varieties, such as Nicholas Feuillate, are available with a metal gift cylinder or box that makes a fabulous presentation. Instead of buying a pair of gloves or a pewter ashtray that will probably be regifted, if not outright sold at a garage sale, think back to that last party you went to with them, and think about what they were drinking. If they were raving about how much they love pinot grigio, drive out to a local vineyard and find out what they recommend for a pinot aficionado. If it’s not in the right part of the country, in terms of climate, pinot grigio may not be available, but it’s likely that the vintner will have a blend to recommend for you. Then, just get a gift box for your wine and take it along to the party. If you don’t have time to shop yourself, or still want to have the joy of a surprise delivery for your friend or relative, there is also the possibility of sending wine gift baskets as a present. This is fun, because there are so many different shapes, sizes and options that you can work with. If your friend loves red wine and chocolate, then there are many baskets that will include a pinot noir, a merlot, and several boxes of Godiva or other chocolatiers. Don’t be restricted by red wine, though – there are companies that will deliver wine baskets with just about every type of wine, and with a wide variety of snacks or other accoutrements that will go along in the basket. Wrapped neatly in cellophane and festooned with bright ribbons or other décor, these baskets are a great gift idea. With wine gift baskets, you’ll want to be sure that your friend or relative lives in a state where shipping wine is legal. You’re in good shape throughout most of the country, but there are still some states where shipping alcohol across state lines is not legal. If you’re using a wine gift basket retailer, they will let you know the states you can ship to. If you’re making your own gift basket to send, though, make sure it won’t get confiscated – and your friends won’t get in trouble.