I love wine, especially if I receive it as a gift. The wine doesn't have to be expensive but should be rated at 90 points or more. I like receiving red wines in the winter, white wines in the summer, and Rose's any time of year. Wine gifts don't always have to be bottles of wine but can be accessories. Wine accessories as gifts can be bottle stoppers, charms, aerators, glasses, and wine racks. I received a wine journal as a gift so I can record all the wines I taste and rate them. This becomes very helpful when shopping for wine or recording wine tastings and the people you meet at them. It is possible to order wine from just about any winery and have it shipped to ones favorite person. You can personalize wine gifts by attatching labels with the persons name and/or the occasion. The holidays are a great time to present wine as a gift to the hostess when invited to a dinner party. I always present the wine in a decorated box or bag with a note of thanks. Wine gifts are becoming more popular as more people discover wine and prefer it to hard liquors or beer. Along the same line are wine gift baskets, which can be handmade or ordered. I love making my own wine gift baskets, mainly for reasons of cost. I can make my own wine gift baskets for a fraction of ones sold in boutiques or online. Over the course of time, I purchase the baskets at thrift stores and flea markets. I use plastic, shredded grass or straw as a filler. I choose a wine I think the recipient might like or a gift certificate from a local wine shop. I like to include two wine glasses (purchased from a cheap source) which I paint or decorate with crystals. Included in the wine gift basket are gourmet crackers and cheese, gourmet chocolate, or biscotti. Sometimes I add wine accessories which I buy on sale during the year at different stores, sales, and flea markets. I wrap the entire basket in colored plastic gift wrap and tied securely with lots of curles ribbon. I attached a gift tag or note to complete it. Wine gift baskets can be handmade or odered online from $20 to thousands of dollars, depending on ones budget and the occasion. But my favorite wine gift to give and also receive is wine from a wine of the month club. There are advantages to subscribing to the wine of the month club. One can try many different wines that might not be available in the immediate locale. The wines usually have literature included depicting the wines origin, rating, food pairings, and other pertinent information. Also when one is a member, all the wine and information can be passed on to friends and family. It is nice to always have wine on hand for that unexpected guest. The cost for joining a club or gifting it can be from $25 a month or more, depending on the plan you choose.Most wine clubs offer free shipping and no sales tax, which is another benefit. For someone who likes wine as much as I do, it is a gift that is truly appreciated.