Quick, you forgot to get the boss a gift for his birthday, and the party starts in 30 minutes. You know it’s important that you were invited, and when it gets right down to it, he’s been really good to you. He deserves something special; You didn’t need that extra time off, but he was more than happy to grant it to you, with a smile and a wave. He definitely deserves a good thank you, if not for that, then for the gracious invite! It might be time to bring in the wine gifts. You may have no idea if you gift recipient enjoys a delicious bottle of wine. However, the gift of wine does so much more than just please the receiver; it allows him to also give to others. Rarely is a bottle of wine enjoyed alone. Remember, you’re not just giving the gift of wine; you’re giving the gift of shared experiences, laughter, grand stories told, and more, all from a single bottle of wine. Now, you may have never given the gift of wine before. You may even be clueless when it comes to wine! “The only differences between Reds and Whites are the colors, of course”, you think to yourself as you wander aimlessly up and down the aisles and your nearby wine retailer. You may find yourself struggling to remember what seem like endless lists of rules attached to the drinking of wines. “Do whites go with red meats? Perhaps the other way around?” It’s very easy to become overwhelmed, especially if you find yourself with a limited amount of time to research and look into the wonderful world of wine. Thankfully, the staff at many shops are more than happy to assist in making a more informed decision. To make your task even easier, you may find that they offer the possibility of creating a wine gift basket for you, as a way to avoid having to choose one particular blend or brand over another. Perhaps you want something a little more grand, something that will really ensure that people know you thought ahead, and you truly care. One of the greatest trends in wine culture is membership in a wine of the month club. In a wine of the month club, the recipient will receive a different bottle of wine each and every month for a specified version of time. This may be ideal for your gift idea, as it allows you to give the gift that keeps on giving, and some even have the option of allowing the recipient to choose what he or she wants to receive each month. These are only a few ideas for giving a wine gift to someone you know or care about. It’s important to remember to ask for help when choosing or trying to determine what a person may like. Those who work in wine shops have a passion for wine, and have endless amounts of knowledge on the subject. Use them! And remember, relax: Wine gifts are the best gifts!